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PAT Test Stickers Play a Key Role in Harm Prevention

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

PAT test stickers are small to medium sized adhesive stickers that are used in the displaying of different levels of safety dependent on what the result of a PAT test is on that specific appliance. Specifically, PAT tests are used in the United Kingdom to gauge the safety of personal, commercial, and industrial appliances. On account of certain requirements imposed by health and safety regulators in the United Kingdom, certain appliances must undergo routine electrical safety changes, or PAT tests, and these tests are used to determine how safe the machine is to use, and if even if its safe for technicians to work on without causing harm.

PAT test stickers come in a variety of different forms and varieties depending on the needs and wants of the test sticker’s user. Primarily, and the main reason for the differing design of the test stickers, is the ability to easily discern between what the different possible results of the Portable Appliance Testing is. The test stickers can be color coded, which include such colors as green, red, yellow, or a number of other colors that aid in visually indicating from a distance and without words how the appliance testing went.

There are three important readings that must be easily discernable to any possible users of the appliances to be tested. The three readings are ‘Passed’, ‘Tested for Electrical Safety’, and probably the most important reading that should be able to be read: ‘DO NOT USE’. With the use of the correct PAT test stickers, there should be no reason why it would be difficult for the results of a Portable Appliance Test to be easily read and understood, because in the end if its not able to be understood easily, the safety of employees or users of the appliance could quite possibly be put in unnecessary danger. Anyone who should want to use or test a specific appliance needs to know this valuable information, as it is valuable information that could potentially save someone’s life.

Besides the three important messages, the test stickers display other sorts of important information. They can tell the reader whether the machine has been tested, and who did the testing. The stickers can also indicate when the test had been completed, and when the next testing should be done. Some appliances require tests every three months, and are generally regarded as more dangerous. Other appliances may require testing every six months to a year, and those appliances are typically regarded as safer.

PAT test stickers are without a doubt a very important part of harm prevention, and without them there would be no way to know if an appliance is safe for use, and there would even be no way to know if the appliance underwent any sort of electrical safety testing. With the ability to display whether or not an electrical appliance has ‘Passed’, ‘Tested for Electrical Safety’, or simply cannot be used,
PAT test stickers play a crucial role when applied to an electrical appliance after the undergoing of a Portable Appliance Test.